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Please note that Slottrak is now Free. It no longer requires Registration or Payment to use. However, Tech Support will only be given to Users that Donate.

Current Manuals may be found on our Manuals page.

Slottrak requires DirectX8 or later.

You may also need Winzip to extract the files.

Please note that the above 2 are external links to other vendors websites, and Slottrak is not responsible for their content or any damage that happens to your computer as a result of using their products.

Starting with Version 12.xx, the downloads featute updated versions of several .dlls and Visual Basic files. Because of this, versions from 15.xx and up *MUST* be a fresh install to older versions, not an update. Installing 15.xx and newer over a pre-Version 12.xx existing SlotTrak install will cause the program to not function. Users do not have to uninstall any previous versions, just remember to not overwrite pre-Version 12.xx with 15.xx or newer. Install to a fresh directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE; There is currently a Workaround, beginning with version 12.23, where the program now installs into the "C:" directory, as opposed to the "C:\Program Files" Directory. Simply copy all setting from your old folder to the newly created one. Slottrak does *not* have to be Re-registered by current users.

Special Note on Upgrading pre-Version 12.xx installations to Version 17.xx:

  1. Write down any custom settings you might have, like Team Names or any custom configurations you may have done.
  2. It is not Necessary to Uninstall SlotTrak 12.xx. However, both versions cannot be run at the same time on the same computer.
  3. Download the Free Current Version of Slottrak.
  4. If you downloaded the Zipped version, extract the Zip File of the Version you downloaded to a directory.
  5. In the folder where you extracted the Zip File, double-click on the "Setup.exe" Icon. Follow the Instructions. Do *NOT* install into your existing Slottrak Directory. Create a fresh one.
  6. Once the program is installed, move your Custom Sounds folders into the New SlotTrak Folder, making sure they're in the same place as they were in your old SlotTrak Folder.
  7. Using your notes from Step 1, Reconfigure your new SlotTrak.
  8. These Instructions do NOT apply when upgrading from version 12.xx to Version 13.xx. This will be a normal "overwrite" upgrade.
  9. If using the newest Trackmate card, you must upgrade the card drivers to the most current version for the card to function with version 12.xx of Slottrak. Driver files can be found here.

Special Note on Upgrading versions 12.xx to Version 17.xx:

  1. Write down any custom settings you might have, like Team Names or any custom configurations you may have done.
  2. Extract the Executable File to your desktop.
  3. Drag the Version 16.xx exe file to your Slottrak Folder.


Please Note; If you plan on using a Phidget Card with Slottrak 11/12/13/14/15/16/17, you'll have to download Microsoft's .Net Framework, and Version 21 only of the Phidget Drivers. Please install the .Net software first, or the Phidget drivers will not install. Again, make sure you download the appropiate version (32 bit or 64 bit) for your Operating System. ALSO NOTE: If you are working with a fresh install of Windows 10 (In other words, not an upgrade from Windows 7/8) you will need to install this version of the .Net Framework (3.5) as well, in order to insure you have the proper .dll for the Phidget Drivers to operate.

Also Please Note: If you are or are planning to use the NEW Trackmate card you must download the drivers to have the card be seen by slottrak. Older Trackmate cards will still function withough the driver update. You may download the new drivers here. Yes, we are repeating ourselves, but this is an important step.

Slottrak Version 16.xx does NOT include the Phidget drivers in the download. Previous versions did include the drivers, which made the seperate install of the phidget drivers unnecessary. Unfortunately, Phidgets has changed their driver structure which now includes a requirement of the .Net Framework version 2.0. This cannot be included in the Install, making seperate installs for both the Phidget Drivers and .Net Framework 2.0 a requirement for the user. The new drivers are a requirement of the new Phidget cards, such as the 0/0/8 card.

The correct Phidget drivers (2.1 or newer) must be installed on the computer. Driver installs are available on the Phidgets website. If the correct Phidget drivers are not installed, Slottrak will error out and stop. This is when you should install the Drivers. Make sure you install the correct version (32 bit or 64 bit) for your operating system. When you restart Slottrak, Phidgets will be disabled until the user re-enables them.

If you don't plan on using a Phidget Card, neither file is necessary.

Warning!: Please do not use the anti-virus Program "Avast!" with any version of Slottrak. Installation of this program interferes with the operation of Visual Basic dlls necessary for Slottrak to operate. For anti-virus, we suggest Microsoft Security Essentials.

Slottrak Free 17.08 - DonationWare - If you're using a version older than 12.00, you must use a Fresh Installation. Please follow the above instructions to do so.

External Files Package - Files Package containing the external Speech Program (Balabolka), Deskbot and compatable drivers for TrackMate's USB-Only Card

Slottrak Free 17.08 Executable Only -DonationWare- If upgrading from version 12.xx, download this file, extract it, then drop the extracted executable in your existing Slottrak folder. You should create a shortcut on your desktop for ease of access. You may also want to consider pinning it (Right Click)to the Taskbar and/or Start Menu. If you're using a version older than 12.xx, you must do a Full Installation. This is *NOT* a Full Install, simply an upgrade to existing 12.xx, 13.xx, 14.xx, 15.xx, 16.xx and 17.xx installations. Please follow the above instructions to do so.

Phidget Drivers Version 21- Slottrak will only work with Version 21 of the Phidget Drivers, which we provide here as a convenience. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are included in the Zip File. If you are unsure which version will work on your system, install the 32-bit version (Phidget-x86). As of 8/9/2022, included with this file package are drivers for the latest series of Trackmate Cards. These drivers are required for proper funcioning of Slottrak 16. Please Note: As of 3/15/2021, we've rolled back these drivers to the 2.18 version, as some users reported problems using the 2.19 versions with SlotTrak. If you're experiencing any Phidget issues, downloadinfg and using these drivers may help.


Current Version
17.08 Free