SlotTrak 16: Your Complete Timing And Scoring Solution

New Version 17.08 Free Released!
Yes, Slottrak is now free to use!
Please see the Downloads page for installation/Upgrade instructions.
Also check our Downloads page for an update on proper installation if Microsoft's .Net Framework in order to insure Phidget Driver operation. We've also updated our Phidget files download package with the latest Trackmate Drivers, necessary for the latest cards to function properly with Slottrak 17.

SlotTrak is the Official Timing and Scoring Solution of HOPRA.

SlotTrak is now Windows 10 Compatible!

Please check our Downloads page for updated information for users of Phidget Cards.
Link to Phidget Drivers has been Updated.
NOTE: Slottrak uses version 21 of the Phidget Card Drivers. Technical Limitations prevent Slottrak from using version 22. Version 21 of the drivers is available on our Downloads Page.

Please make sure you follow the Installation Instructions on the Downloads Page!

The Downloads page also contains current purchase information.

The SlotTrak program functions as a lap counter and lap timer for any scale slotcar track. It will operate on any 1 to 8 lane track. In addition to simple counting and timing, it will run various types of races complete with lane rotations and optional power control to the track. The timing resolution is 1 millisecond. Results are saved, and can be recalled for viewing and race report generation. The parallel, serial, joystick port and now the TrakMate Windows hardware may be used for lane input. SlotTrak is also compatible with Scalextric's RMS hardware, DS 200/300 and Scalextric's Sport Digital System. The parallel port, serial port, or TMW hardware may be used for track calls. The parallel port, serial port, TMW hardware (track power) or phidget cards (individual lane or track power) may be used for power control. Runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 up - including Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.

Important Notice!

SlotTrak Classic Version is no longer supported in any way. It is not available for download and it no longer has any programming or technical support. We STRONGLY suggest, that if you are a classic version user, you upgrade to the new Free version!

Be aware, PLEASE, Microsoft no longer supports Vista, 98, XP, ME and is about to stop support on WIN 7. Slottrak can no longer guarantee support of installations on operating systems that Microsoft no longer supports. The exception for the moment is WIN 7. We will support installations on Win 7 and Win 10 and would prefer NOT to support WIN 8. V15.XX works with Vista, ME, XP, 7, 8 & 10 as far as we know. We no longer have Vista, ME, XP or 98 systems to run beta tests with, and any future updates may or may not work with Microsoft's unsupported operating systems. Slottrak humbly suggests that those of you that have obsolete OS systems please upgrade your hardware to something more current and that has at least WIN 7 as it's OS. They can be found cheaply and with a warranty. Companies such as have plenty of Windows refurbished systems that will easily work with Slottrak for $120 +/- and as of May 2019 include free shipping.

About The Free Version

SlotTrak Free replaces both the Commercial and Professional SlotTrak programs, while giving users the advantages of both versions. Installation help is included with the software package.

Pricing for the "Phidget Board", which is the hardware our software uses, can be found on our Hardware Page. Also on this page are pictures that will help you install the Phidget Board.

- Development Team


Current Version
17.08 Free